Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Jul 26, 2021

2020-21. Org & Leadership Assessment, Strategic Consulting, Strategic Planning, Board Readiness, Org Transformation.

  • Mission to serve pets and the people who love them.
  • 78 years in business. Lots of historic board and CEO leadership dysfunction, well-known in town. Board had moved to a No-CEO “shared leadership” model from 2014-2019. Decided to hire a new CEO in 2020 when two of the three “chiefs” had left. Hired a new CEO in 2020, a retired politician with no experience leading nonprofits. Then called me for help about 4 months later.
  • Subdivided culture between very long time, not formally educated, tenured staff (known to undermine the CEO) and newer, formally educated, staff. Bifurcated staff culture.
  • 10-month engagement.
  • Organizational Leadership & Strategic Assessment, using Lifecycles Framework. Conducted in-depth interview discovery of all director-level and c-suite staff, and Board members. Commissioned Assessment. Recommendations to Board for Immediate vs. Long-Term Leadership/Operational Shifts, Ways to work with CEO.
  • Consulted on style/leadership differences between CEO and Board, shift from declining Mature organization to one poised for growth, need for contemporary capacity building.
  • Developed Action Plan recommendations, with special emphasis on providing new solutions in HR, staff professional development, board development, Talent Architecture / Comparable Worth Job Matrix, Fair Hiring Practices, modernization of fundraising and marketing, board development.
  • Connected org to outsourced resources for HR, payroll, direct mail/integrated marketing programs.
  • CEO Strategic Consulting, Board and CEO roles and responsibilities training.
  • Conducted Strategic Planning Process – their first in ten years. Included full staff survey discovery, remote, Zoom-Based 3.5-day process with one evening dedicated to Board development.
  • Supported CEO, board members, and staff through transition-related issues.


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