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The Bottom Line

Prospective Clients often ask, “what do your services cost?” At Raise the Bar Consulting, we believe in high-quality, purposeful consulting services that are accessible and affordable. They are company values that we hold dear. We customize solutions to meet your goals and budget, offering our clients three pricing models to choose from:

Value Based Retainer Pricing

Retainers offer peace of mind, so you can be rest assured you will pay the same price for the support we offer, billed either monthly or quarterly depending on the service. Pricing is based on the principle of overall value in helping you move your organization forward. Offered for fundraising, capital campaigns, grant writing, development/fundraising fractional staffing, organizational assessments, strategic planning, interim executive engagements, as well as other longer term services, where our team will dedicate at least 15 hours per month working with you.

Project Rates

For fixed-term projects, Raise the Bar offers inclusive rates. Project rates are typically offered for strategic planning, facilitation, visioning sessions, asset mapping, assessments, individual grants, and fundraising campaigns. Rates vary depending on your project.

Hourly Pricing

For some of our more tactical services, we offer hourly rates. All hourly services are offered with a monthly minimum engagement.

Want to know more about what our services will cost your group? Contact Jennifer and let’s talk. Our clients have found our services to be of excellent value.

Want more details? Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

1. Why hire a consultant?

There are several reasons why a consulting team like ours could be of benefit to you. Here are just a few:

A. Your project is unique or time bound. Why hire a full time person for a project that needs unique expertise, or for a project that will and should end?

B. The depth of work is not enough to justify the costs of substantial staffing. If your current work can be handled in a much smaller monthly engagement, why hire?

C. Your organization or its fundraising/grant writing efforts are in start-up or turnaround stages. You need help with building capacity, fundraising plans, initial fundraising initiatives and internal systems, and a team to implement them, and the costs of a full-time person do not justify the work that is needed at this phase. A consultant can help you get through these periods and set up your new leader for success.

D. The engagement you seek is to bridge a period of transition, or to give the Board and/or CEO more time to consider next steps.

E. You want to create a level playing field for an upcoming vacancy; appointing an internal “heir” to the position creates the exact opposite dynamic. 

F. The costs of staff are expensive, especially for small to mid-sized shops. Despite your best efforts, you find it hard to attract talent for the salary you can afford to pay.

G. The labor pool is mostly less-experienced generalists, but you need someone with more experience and expertise, who knows the industry, to help guide you, manage higher-level work, or to serve as a mentor for your less experienced team members. 

H. To right-size talent and staffing with the actual work of a position. Hiring a “director” level staff member for a 1-person shop does not make good business or financial sense. Most people excel at some tasks but not at others, and a more experienced staff member will cost you more even if the bulk of their time is spent on entry or mid-level work, which is often the case. A consultant can serve in the higher role, freeing your resources to hire at a lower level for the work you really need completed. 

I. You want stable, predictable, high-quality work. Raise the Bar takes a team-based approach to sourcing our talent for you. At least two people are always assigned to your account, ensuring that we are always available to meet your needs, no matter the issues that arise in the workplace or in life.

J. You want to save money and improve results. While the cost of a consultant may seem higher per hour, we find that we can complete more work than a full-time staff member in a fraction of that time, thereby lowering your overall costs while providing a better quality, more successful solution for you.

2. How much does it cost to hire Raise the Bar Consulting?

Well, it depends what services you are inquiring about.

Services like strategic planning, facilitation, or other project-based services can range from $2,500 to $25,000 or more, depending on whether you are looking for a 1-day retreat verses a 6-month strategic planning process that culminates in a multi-day session with a 3-year plan.

If you are looking for a consultant to assist with an ongoing engagement, whether that is fractional staffing for fundraising or grant writing, plan one-quarter to three-quarters of the cost of a full-time staff person, depending on the depth of our service.

For larger fundraising campaigns, plan to spend about 10% of the goal of the campaign on consulting support.

For Interim CEO and C-Suite engagements, dedicate the same amount of funding you planned to spend on executive compensation to fund your interim executive.

3. What if we just want one grant written?

Raise the Bar Consulting will write government grants as a single project. For all other work, and barring unique circumstances, we prefer to focus our energies on building longer term engagements with clients. Why? Because that is how we are successful together.

Relationship building is the key to successful fundraising and grant writing, not only between you and your constituents, but between our team and yours. To best work for and with you, our team invests time to get to know your organizational culture, values, workflow, and programs – time that pays off overall, helping organizations to make transformational change in leadership and programming, and raise millions of dollars for causes our clients hold dear. 

Think of it like baseball: we want to help you win your World Series, starting by building an enterprise that makes both base hits and home runs, wins games, and strives for excellence, rather than just getting your batter to first base. Longer term engagements make that possible.

4. How much does it cost if you write corporate and foundation grants for us monthly?

First, let’s talk about “grants.” To us, a proposal is simply the mechanism through which you ask for money. Some donors like a personal ask, some want a portfolio, and some require a grant proposal. The overwhelming majority of companies and foundations want to be treated like private philanthropists, not like government agencies. For that reason, we take an approach that is similar to major gifts fundraising: careful prospecting, priority and mission matching, funder relationship building, and strategic alignment all guide our approach and collaboration with you.

We write as few as two and as many as twenty proposals per month, per client. Pricing typically ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 per month depending on the depth of service we provide. Grant writing services include prospecting and the creation of a 12-month calendar of leads with a 12-month contract.

5. What are your fundraising and grant writing success rates?

Raise the Bar Consulting is pleased to share our high success rates with you. 

Did you know that in the fundraising industry, a good success rate is $4 raised for every $1 spent on donor renewal (a 4:1 Return on Investment) and less than $1 for every $1 spent on donor acquisition (a <1:1 return)? These numbers hold true for grant writing or fundraising and include the cost of your fundraising staff. 

For this reason, some clients want to focus solely on current donors to save money. That is a mistake. According to national averages, only 40% of donors who give in one year give again the next year. It is called the “donor retention rate.” Without an acquisition strategy, your pool of donors shrinks over time. This is the reason we recommend a healthy mix of donor renewal and acquisition strategies, regardless of whether we are executing fundraising or grant writing for you.

Success is measured based on dollars raised compared to dollars spent, rather than the number of wins. And that success is guided by our tried and true fundraising success strategies.

Our success rates? We surpass the national average repeatedly. Our clients tend to see a return that ranges from $10:$1 to $30:$1.

3 people in a collaboration meeting

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