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Educating our children – and getting it right – is a huge responsibility. Building a high-achieving,
well-funded school where parents and educators are happy and fully invested, and children
thrive, is every leader’s dream. We are here for you.
Raise the Bar Consulting offers a special arm of our business that helps schools and districts
grow, transform, and thrive. We work with all types of schools, including charter schools, private
schools, and public schools alike.
Our team of current and former educators, administrators, nonprofit leaders, and fundraisers
understands your challenges – because we’ve been there. We bring a combined century helping
schools and students thrive, and we know it’s possible to move the needle.
Beginning is easy, and it all starts with you.
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We help your school align for success by offering systems-based improvement strategies that
strengthen academic achievement, financial health, professional satisfaction, and strategic
direction through:


  • Strategic visioning, operational planning, and organizational alignment.
  • School assessments and certification/recertification readiness.
  • School Improvement Strategies to meet federal and state requirements.
  • Transitional leadership and course correction solutions, including Interim Superintendent, Principal and Special Education Director services.
  • School Board development, support staffing, and compliance.
  • Programmatic and academic interventions and support.
  • Financial sustainability, grant writing, and revenue growth strategies, including monitoring and reporting.
  • Fundraising services for schools and educational foundations that hold a 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Meet Our School Service Team

Dana Sullivan has been working in education for over 22 years. She brings deep experience in
the field of education and leadership. Dana is especially passionate about cultivating and
implementing engaging curriculum, creating space in and out of the classroom that allows
teachers to thrive, and supporting students in their drive to succeed.

Dana’s work in education has taken her from the classroom to administration and back. Starting
out in the classroom Dana was able to learn the ins and outs of classroom teaching. Training
and coaching teachers allowed Dana the opportunity to shift her sights from students to
teachers. Being an administrator brought further growth in learning and leadership. Consulting between numerous schools brought the opportunity to align programs and ensure that staff
received proper training and professional development. Her many years of experience make
her an asset to any program.

Dana earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Regis University and
holds a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education from National University. She is Montessori
trained in Primary (3-6), Lower Elementary (6-9), and Upper Elementary (9-12).

Dana lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband and three sons.

Dana Sullivan

Tiffany Ash

Tiffany Ash is passionate about high quality and meaningful educational experiences for
learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. For over twenty years, she has designed and
delivered innovative and inspired educational programming for learners pre-k through
postsecondary level in a wide variety of settings. Through her graduate studies and continued
professional development, Tiffany continues to hone her skills as an educational leader, teacher
training, and academic advisor. She is also passionate about outdoor and environmental
education, as well as the Montessori philosophy and practice. In designing and directing
educational programming, Tiffany emphasizes success through collaboration, team building and
highly effective communication. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Education with an
emphasis on Environmental Learning, as well as Montessori teaching credentials for all
elementary levels and including pre-k. Tiffany is also fluent in Spanish and enjoys every
opportunity to connect in this way.

Shelly Kilmer is a proven education leader with over twenty-five years’ experience. She
demonstrates knowledge, compassion, and transformational thinking.  As a consultant and
educator, she uses data driven information and strategies to mold and develop site-based
leadership. She possesses extensive knowledge in exceptional student services and educational
leadership. She has worked in education programs from pre-k through post-secondary. She was
awarded the Teacher of the Year by the Arizona Council for Exceptional Children. She mentors
and develops school leaders in her current endeavors. 
Shelly is passionate about advocacy for exceptional children and their programming. She has a
thorough understanding of grant writing, compliance, and servicing Title I Programs. Her
collaborative team building skills are exceptional.

Rochelle Killmer

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