Big Bothers Big Sisters

Strategic Planning and Visioning


In the realm of meaningful partnerships, there are triumphs that echo far beyond the initial collaboration. At Raise the Bar, we take immense pride in our journey with Big Brothers Big Sisters, a partnership that has yielded extraordinary results, shaping the lives of thousands of youths.

At Raise the Bar, our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters has been transformative. Together, we’ve raised over $2 million, providing mentorship to 3,000+ youths, shaping their futures with incredible role models.

But our impact doesn’t stop there. We’re proud to have secured four major gifts, raising over $200,000 for their capital campaign. This collective effort, powered by generous donors, supports a mission that believes in the power of mentorship to inspire and guide young minds.

This success is a testament to the shared belief in mentorship’s transformative effect and the community’s dedication to fostering brighter futures. To everyone involved: your support has not just raised funds; it’s ignited aspirations and created pathways for countless young individuals.

Thank you for joining Raise the Bar and Big Brothers Big Sisters on this incredible journey of empowerment, shaping the next generation, one mentor at a time.




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