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Prospective Clients often ask, “but what do your services cost?”

When you work with Raise the Bar, you spend your resources wisely. Our team members provide you with experience and value for your investment, helping you leverage your funds to do more. Our services cost a fraction of what you would otherwise spend if you hired a full-time employee or employees, and give you more experience, expertise, and support than what one person can provide otherwise. Clients find that our services cost less than a quarter of what hiring staff might cost, and often less than 1% of their overall budget, all while exceeding their goals.

When Jennifer started Raise the Bar, she was committed to offering affordable, accessible, high-quality services, and that’s a value we still hold today. Jennifer will work with you to customize services that meet your needs and budget.

Here’s a glimpse of what it typically costs to work with Jennifer and Raise the Bar.


Services are offered by project or on retainer. Retainers are based on 6-, 12- or 24-month commitments, with the option for month-to-month continuance thereafter. Retainers start as low as $2,000/month.

Plans, Assessments and Feasibility Studies are offered by project.

When we offer services by hourly rate, we charge $90 – $150/hr. depending on the project.

Capital Campaigns

The industry’s general rule of thumb is that a consultant will cost 10 – 20% of your campaign goal. Start with that assumption, and then contact us. It’s our goal to beat competitor bids by at least 10%.

Grant Writing

Corporate and Foundation grant writing is offered on retainer because we know that relationship building and sustained efforts are what lead to success. Retainers are based on 6-, 12- or 24-month commitments, with the option for month-to-month continuance thereafter. Retainers start as low as $1,600/month. Hourly rates are also available.

Because government requirements vary greatly, Government Grant writing is scoped per project. USDA grants and federal loan applications tend to take less time and typically cost less. Government Grant writing can range widely, typically from $5,000 – $30,000 per grant.

Strategic Consulting Services

Consulting Packages are offered as follows:

  • 5 Sessions           $750
  • 10 Sessions         $1,250
  • Or Custom Priced for you.

Strategic Planning, Visioning & Facilitation

Services are offered by project, based on your needs. Facilitations & Visioning Sessions start as low as $2,000. Comprehensive Strategic Planning engagements typically range from $7,500 to $20,000. Retainer options are available for extended or more in-depth engagements.

Organizational, Nonprofit Lifecycle & Leadership Assessments

Deep-dive assessments typically range from $5,000 to $20,000; the cost depends on the size of your team and/or organization. Retainer options are available for extended engagements.

Start-Up, M&A, and Exit Strategy Support

Offered by project or on retainer.

Interim Chief Executive or Leadership Services

You already planned to pay your staff – we work within your budgeted staffing costs, so that retaining an interim leader isn’t a hardship. We offer coverage for two to four days per week. Engagements are offered with a minimum 3-month commitment. The nationwide average for an interim assignment is nine to twelve months. We also offer transitional leadership consulting support on retainer.

All Other Services

By project or retainer. We offer hourly rates for select services.

We work to meet clients where they’re at. Before you convince yourself  that you can’t afford consultant support, contact Jennifer and let’s talk. Our clients have found our services to be of great value at an affordable price. No project – or client – is too large or too small.


Supportive Consulting Services

Seeking ongoing fundraising expertise for a variety of fundraising goals? Our team offers support and guidance based on industry best practices to service all your fundraising needs


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