Strategic Planning and Visioning

Our Interim Executive Service helps you raise your bar by placing a certified professional as your temporary leader while you search for a permanent one. We serve in all capacities, from the simple “we just need someone for a few months to cover the basics” all the way to providing deep organizational and leadership support.

A professional interim executive offers a unique skill set and offers your board the opportunity to pause, plan, course correct, and grow. Our team includes former executives and professionally trained and certified interim executive leaders, available to serve as your Professional Interim Executive Leader and Authorized Official for an agreed-upon length of time.

We work with your Board of Directors to assess the state of your organization, handle day-to-day operations, tackle turnaround work if needed, discover your longer term needs in an executive, help ready your organization for their next leader, and help you to search for and onboard your new permanent leader when the time is right.

Turnaround Work

Turnaround Work

Do you know where your organization is the weakest?

Maybe it’s in leadership, your process/execution, or your fundraising strategies?  You might know where the weakest link lives in your organization, or maybe you’ll be surprised by what we find in our audit.

Turnaround work is a process that includes identifying issues and creating practical, immediate solutions. With our expert strategy leading the way, we make it easy for your organization to become stronger, run smoother, and reach objectives faster – ultimately amplifying your impact and overall reach.

At Raise the Bar, we understand that, as an outsider, we must take the time to understand your organization’s current culture and processes. After a thorough operational and company assessment, our consultants craft a customized strategy that focuses on solving the issues caused by your biggest pain points. We focus on analyzing and improving the organization from all angles, including finances, processes, technology, communication, etc.. Our Team will walk you through what this plan looks like so that you understand every single angle. Turnaround work is a great way to remedy what’s broken, quickly –  creating deep transformation that enables your organization to advance and grow.

Organizational Development

Our strategic planning methods enable your organization to stay ahead of trends, look at things differently, and quickly pivot from analysis to execution. At Raise the Bar, our expertise lies in creating effective solutions, and helping you put those solutions to work, creating immediate, measurable impact.

Looking beyond the day-to-day operations and instead focusing on the success of your organization’s objectives can be challenging, even when things seem to be running smoothly. Having an outsider’s point of view can serve as a catalyst for any organization’s trajectory.

Alignment is our focus when it comes to strategy, because if one part of the machine is broken, the machine as a whole can’t perform. We will bring board, staff, and leadership together in order to formulate mission, vision, values, and short- and long-term goals. Then, we’ll build a bridge between your financial capital and employees in order to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the plan.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Successful grant writing and fundraising campaigns are what keeps an organization alive. This is a delicate process that can determine the longevity of your organization, and ultimately, your cause.

Our team of consultants have an extensive background in fundraising – as consultants, directors of development, chief development officers, and chief executive officers. Our decades of combined experience guides the preparation, strategy, and execution of comprehensive and targeted fundraising programs and annual, capital, and endowment campaigns.

We empower non-profits, government organizations, and various associations to reach more donors, raise more capital, and ensure the long-term support needed to advance and prosper.

Grant writing isn’t just about guidelines and money, but about the story of your organization and where you’re headed. Writing with heart and intention makes all the difference in the world, especially when there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of organizations competing for the same funds. We write grants that prove organizations to be worthy of their funders trust and support.

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