Interim Executive & Transitional Leadership Solutions

Whether planned or unplanned, transitions in leadership are pivotal points in an organization’s future.

We see these situations as opportunities for growth and re-alignment.

Transitions in leadership provide a narrow, but important, window during which a nonprofit can reevaluate organizational strengths and challenges, analyze current paths toward strategic priorities, and re-engage staff in support of an organization’s mission. Our transitional leadership solutions provide the resources you need to stabilize, course correct and grow.

Interim Executive:

We have qualified nonprofit professionals on our team that are able to serve as your Leader and Authorized Official for an agreed-upon length of time to handle day-to-day operations and support your Board of Directors in making important leadership decisions. When doing Interim Executive work, we always do a deep discovery dive to understand your organization as well as identify and resolve key issues that need immediate resolution.

We can help you ready your organization for a new leader as our team is seasoned at handling all kinds of organizational challenges, including complicated human resource, revenue, finance and 501(c)3 status situations.

This service is great for all kinds of organizations facing transitions, and is especially useful for the following situations:

  • Planned departures from healthy organizations, where execs were in good standing.
  • Unplanned departures from health organizations, where executives were in good standing.
  • Planned departures from organizations facing challenges.
  • Terminations from otherwise healthy organizations.
  • Terminations from challenged organizations.
  • Emergency departures, due to illness or death.

Our clients have found our services to be of great value at an affordable price. We offer hourly rates for select services by project or retainer. View our rates here. 

Transitional Leadership:

Our Interim Executive & Transitional Leadership Solutions help organizations to stabilize during tumultuous times, course correct, strategize a new future and develop a tangible plan for execution. Our Interim Executives are able to provide some or all of the support listed, depending on your needs. We only offer what you need, and by no means is this an exhaustive list of what our Interims can do for you. We take a highly individualized approach when executing transitional leadership work.

Your Interim Executive is available to remain with your team to implement recommendations and serve as the authorized official for your organization through the transition. A typical Interim Executive assignment ranges from six to eighteen months.

In addition, we offer Interim Chief Operating Officer, Chief Development Officer, Development Director and Program Director solutions to address your leadership staffing needs.

Turnaround Work:

Through our turnaround work, we identify issues and create practical, immediate solutions. We strategize with your leadership team the most efficient way to help your organization become stronger, run smoother, and reach objectives faster – ultimately amplifying your impact and overall reach.

Our extensive experience allows us to conduct a 360 degree audit of your organization. Once we have the whole picture, we can identify the areas that need to be reworked. Raise the Bar’s unique approach allows us to focus on the details that matter while never losing sight of the big picture – your organization’s core mission.

Our consultants develop a strategy unique to your organization which encompasses, but is not limited to, finances, processes, technology and communication. Turnaround work is a great way to remedy what’s broken, quickly –  creating deep transformation that enables your organization to advance and scale.

Life Cycle Assessments:

We comprehensively assess your current lines of business, conduct a market analysis, review your revenues and financial health in order to develop a feasibility study that identifies strengths, weaknesses, gaps in revenue, and opportunities for growth. Our findings, along with strategic recommendations, are provided to help you make the best decisions as you move forward with your business growth plans.

Organizational Assessments:

We can conduct an organizational assessment to evaluate the current state of your programming, operations, capacity, fundraising, and financial health. We then offer recommendations in a formal report. This process is designed to provide Boards with the insights they need to make the best leadership decisions possible. We will also lead your team through an exploration of strategic partnerships and mergers, if that is an appropriate step for you.

Strategic Visioning / Planning:

With new leadership in place, maintaining some level of continuity and structure while inspiring and facilitating change is a difficult balance to strike. Our skilled team of consultants take the time to understand the unique vision and goals of your organization. We take a comprehensive look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to help your leadership team develop a plan for success moving forward. We break down the necessary steps, KPI’s, milestones and changes needed to achieve your organizational goals. As consistent with all of our services, developing a strategic vision and plan for your organization is an extremely collaborative process. 

Succession Planning:

Succession Plans are like Life Insurance for nonprofits, giving the staff and the Board a sense of direction in times of transition. We lead your group through a process that identifies the key components of a Succession Plan, the opportunities and challenges that leadership transitions present, and the three primary leadership departure scenarios to consider.

Succession Plans are offered as a stand-alone service, or as a component of your Strategic Planning Session.

Executive Placement:

With a clear vision for the future, we will also support your Executive Search or conduct it for you. Past experience, culture fit, values fit and vision for the future are some of the many facets we look at when searching for the right leader. Finding the right person to fill a very specific and influential role in an organization can be a daunting task. Raise the Bar is side by side with your team during every step of the search, until the role is filled by an individual who exceeds all expectations.

Our clients have found our services to be of great value at an affordable price. We offer hourly rates for select services by project or retainer.

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