Developing, nurturing, and enhancing relationships with potential donors is challenging, yet vital, at any stage of the fundraising process. Our team of fundraising experts can guide you to the resources and support you need to meet your goals. We curate your case for support and identify the best strategies to grow your donor base and your fundraising revenue. If you don’t have the bandwidth to execute, we can provide boots on the ground to collaborate and continue the momentum forward.

Development Plans, Audits, Assessments

We comprehensively assess your fundraising efforts to identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps in revenue and opportunities for growth. Then, we work with your team to develop diversified strategies to meet your revenue and sustainability goals. We will also collaborate to develop a variety of annual fundraising activities, including but not limited to, donor cultivation, direct mail, online fundraising, in-person solicitations and VIP events. This service culminates with a Fundraising Assessment Report and a 12-month Integrated fundraising plan with recommendations for proven and effective activities.

Fundraising - Strategy and Implementation

Just as not all organizations are built the same, not all fundraising campaigns are built the same. Organizations have different sized networks, different levels of community engagement, different donor profiles and different internal resources. Fundraising campaigns must be built specifically to leverage the organization’s unique strengths in order to maximize outcome. The team at Raise the Bar has decades of experience designing and executing fundraising campaigns which have yielded impressive returns for the organization. Our goal is, simply put, to put your organization in the position where it can do the most good in the world. 

Annual Fundraising Campaigns & Donor Engagement

We help your organization develop plans to build fundraising capacity, engage donors, grow support, and increase revenue by harnessing contemporary, evidence-based strategies for success. We work with your team to develop an annual strategy that deepens overall engagement with your donors and increases the volume of your fundraising activities. Our strategies integrate mail, e-mail, text, voice broadcasting, virtual fundraising, social media engagement, and social media influencing strategies to embolden your success. If you need further assistance, we help you implement your campaigns with content creation, design, and production coordination.

Exceptional Gifts

Major Gifts, Matching Campaigns, Special Projects, Planned Giving, and Endowment Initiatives

A mature fundraising program builds deep relationships with donors and offers them opportunities to make unique contributions to support your cause. Our team of fundraising experts works with you to develop targeted programs and campaign strategies to build any one of these areas of your fundraising program. We work with you to develop engagement, stewardship, solicitation, and recognition strategies that keep your donors coming back time and again. We understand the nuanced financial management strategies that lead donors to make unique gifts, and we help you to determine how to accept and manage these gifts. We help organizations develop Gift Acceptance Policies and we assist in implementing your program whether you need help with program start-up or campaign implementation.

Capital Campaigns

If your organization wants to build or purchase a new facility, property, or other significant investment and is seeking help in raising the funds to do it, we stand ready. We offer comprehensive or project-based support for each step of your capital campaign, from feasibility to implementation.

Supportive Consulting Services

Seeking ongoing fundraising expertise for a variety of fundraising goals? Our team offers support and guidance based on industry best practices to service all your fundraising needs


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