Strategic Planning and Visioning

Fundraising isn’t really about the money – it’s about what those gifts allow your organization to do – educate children, feed lonely seniors, curate art exhibits, coalesce disaster relief, provide medical care, and more.

As fundraising consultants, Jennifer Tersigni and the team at Raise the Bar Consulting helps dozens of organizations like yours raise the money necessary to broaden your impact.

Raise the Bar

Strategic Fundraising Consulting

Want a partner to help with strategy, coaching, guidance, and mentorship? Our strategic consulting gives you a partner to help through your next campaign or to stand up or grow your fundraising efforts.

Development Assessments & Plans

You have the potential. With a Development Assessment and Plan, you can reach it. Our development assessments examine your fundraising programs top to bottom, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to help you create an annual development program strategy that reaches a diverse group of donors, prioritize your staff and monetary resources, and grow revenue to reach your organization’s goals and fundraising potential. When needed, our plans also provide recommendations for capacity building in fundraising.

Annual Giving & Donor Engagement

Your annual giving campaign is the lifeblood of your mission. Growing its depth and breadth is one of the most important steps an organization can take on the road to sustainability. Our team is here to help you advance every aspect of your annual giving program. We help your organization deepen relationships with your donors and increase the volume of your fundraising activities. Our strategies integrate mail, e-mail, text, voice broadcasting, virtual fundraising, social media engagement, social media influencing strategies, and more, to enhance your success. If you need further assistance, we help you implement your campaigns, too.

Corporate & Foundation Giving

Growing your corporate and foundation strategy doesn’t have to feel all-consuming. Our team at Raise the Bar helps you develop a strategy that is appropriate for your organization by identifying natural corporate and foundation partners; defining and developing strategies that will maintain long-term relationships; creating an effective corporate and foundation relationship management strategy; and helping you to do the work! For companies and foundations that require grant submissions, we work in collaboration with your team every step along the way from prospecting to concept design, to writing, and submission, and service each phase of the grant writing process.

Raise the Bar
Raise the Bar

Government Grant Writing

Government funding can be a wonderful way to grow your capacity and strengthen your services. Many organizations find that government funding helps to seed or support their projects when private philanthropy doesn’t. Our team supports your quest in securing federal, state, and local government support by working with your internal stakeholders from start to finish, taking into consideration the competitive landscape, demographic and cultural contexts, DEIA efforts, organizational capacity and strengths, and your overall competitive edge. We help with all aspects of grant writing, including strategy, research, program design, evaluation, project management, writing and submission.

Capital Campaigns

You’re ready to take the first step toward a bold, new future. From the initial campaign plan to the gift that gets you to your goal, we’re here to support, strategize, and celebrate. Let’s work together to make it happen. Our Capital Campaign Support begins with a Feasibility Study and continues with hands-on guidance and support that takes many forms: recruiting campaign volunteers and resourcing Board members to advocate for you in the community; training your team in cultivation and solicitation; identifying your best prospects and determining the best ways to capture donors’ interests. Our team members are also available to serve as your Capital Campaign Fundraising team if you need boots-on-the-ground to implement your campaign.

Exceptional Giving Programs

Major Gifts, Matching Campaigns, Special Projects, Planned Giving, and Endowment Initiatives
Over time, your fundraising program can offer donors unique opportunities to make contributions to support your cause. Our team of fundraising experts works with you to design exceptional gift programs and campaigns that keep your donors coming back time and again. We understand the nuanced financial management strategies that lead donors to make unique gifts, and help your team develop leads generation, engagement, solicitation, and recognition strategies that work for you. We train your staff and Board team in working with exceptional donors and help you to implement your program if you need it.

Social Enterprise Development

Ready to transform your revenue through sustainable earned strategies? We can help! There are lots of ways that nonprofits diversify their revenue while doing good in this world, and one way is by developing a social enterprise. Adding a new “business” venture to your organization can transform the way you meet your mission. Common examples include coffee shops, thrift stores, and pay-it-forward retail programs; the opportunities are endless but need a strong business plan to start-up, survive, and thrive. Our team has built social programs, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses, and can help you design your newest venture, transforming the ways you’ve generated revenue for your cause. And, yes, that includes start-up and growth strategies, competitive market analysis, business planning and development, and sustainability plans.

Nonprofit Food Bank
Raise the Bar

Fundraising Program Start-Up & Capacity Building

You know you need a more robust fundraising program, but where do you start? You call us. Really.
Our team has built fundraising programs and departments from the ground up, securing and deploying resources, hiring staff, onboarding CRMs, and building first-tier fundraising programs that yield return on investment, build donor relationships, and functionalize fundraising for organizations like yours. Bringing us in is an affordable solution to upstart quickly and with expertise, readying your organization and its future staff for success.

Interim Fundraising Leadership

Leadership transitions are difficult and can impact the progression of your efforts in many ways.

However, the temporary or permanent leave of an advancement staff member should not impact or halt the progression of your efforts. Our team of uniquely qualified and experienced consultants fill the interim role while helping preserve your organization’s fundraising program and ensuring the continuation of its success despite this period of organizational change.

Our clients have found our services to be of great value at an affordable price. We offer hourly rates for select services by project or retainer. View our rates here. 

Supportive Consulting Services

Seeking ongoing fundraising expertise for a variety of fundraising goals? Our team offers support and guidance based on industry best practices to service all your fundraising needs


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