Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association

Strategic Planning and Visioning

At Raise the Bar Consulting, we specialize in turning aspirations into reality. Recently, we had the honor of collaborating with The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association to create the Night Sky Learning Center, a pivotal addition to the Chiricahua Astronomy Complex in Cochise County—the largest amateur astronomy complex in the west.

Our expertise in supporting Capital Campaigns and Impact Projects played a vital role in bringing this project to fruition. Guiding nonprofits to reach monumental goals and transform dreams into tangible achievements is our forte.

From inception to the grand opening in November 2023, witnessing the Night Sky Learning Center’s journey was incredibly gratifying. Being part of this groundbreaking initiative aligns with our commitment to supporting impactful ventures that shape communities and inspire change.

The Night Sky Learning Center stands as a testament to collaboration, dedication, and shared vision. It’s a symbol of what passion and expertise can accomplish when they converge.

Congratulations to The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association on this remarkable achievement. We’re honored to have contributed to this journey and are dedicated to continuing our mission of empowering nonprofits to reach their full potential.



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