Crisis Leadership

Crisis Leadership

Great leadership is imperative in times of crisis. 

Donors begin to have doubts. Fundraising lows. Employees are confused about what’s next. Tension is high and morale drops low. The board is wondering what the future may hold. Panic sets in.

We can help.

Raise The Bar Consulting is expert in creating unique roadmaps that guide organizations in crisis back to normalcy, order, and harmony. 

First and foremost, we tap into the wellbeing of staff. The heart of your organization is the people who do the work each day to keep it alive. We lean into their concerns with compassion and care. Then, we move forward in addressing any trouble with donors, stakeholders, and the internal team. We smooth out the wrinkles to regain trust.

We are decisive, direct, and effective. We figure out what is possible and pivot in order to restore and advance the impact of the organization. Our consultants will focus on short term and long term goals right away. Short term goal setting allows staff and donors to conceptualize what needs to happen right now in order to survive. Long term thinking creates an idea of what your organization will look like on the other side of the current chaos – restoring hope and faith in future opportunities. 

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

It has never been more important to incorporate diversity and inclusion into organizational strategy and foundation. Diverse teams are what propel organizations forward and exude the greatest impact.

At Raise the Bar, equality and inclusion is an integral part of who we are as a company. We take great pride in working with organizations to improve their diversity, equality and inclusion efforts. We are committed to being an ally, activist and voice for equality.

All organizations should be focusing on ways to improve their efforts in the diversity and inclusion space. No organization is doing everything right. As an outsider to your organization, we are here to help you identify and close the gaps.

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